Science Notes 2010 now published!

Science Notes is an online magazine written by students in the University of California Santa Cruz Science Writing Program and illustrated by students of the California State University Monterey Bay Science Illustration Program.

Tending Towards Chaos book cover

Tending Towards Chaos

a poetry collection written by Ami Lovelace, a San Francisco poet, with illustrations by Arianna Bruno

Tending Towards Chaos is the culmination of years of inspiration, travel, life, observation and evolution. With poetry themes running the gamut of love, loss, emotion, politics, current events, disasters and dreams-- its chaotic nature reflects that of a world as seen through the eyes of a woman with an old soul and a ...young heart, open to experience, eager to enjoy life, walking in the light but not willing to turn her eyes from even the darkest corners.

The collection is available online beginning September 2010 from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Authorhouse.

2010 Class Exhibit

Pacific Grove Natural Museum of Natural History, Pacific Grove, CA

2010 Class Exhibition